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Army of Peru Selects Rheinmetall MAN Trucks

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles, has been awarded a € 48,432,704 contract to supply more than 300 trucks to Army of Peru (EP). Contract includes  troop 4x4  carrier and 6x6 utility plus other heavy duty vehicles

Iraqi forces take Falluja government building from Islamic State

Iraqi forces recaptured the municipal building in Falluja from Islamic State militants, the military said on Friday, nearly four weeks after the start of a U.S.-backed offensive to retake the city an hour's drive...

Oshkosh Introduces an M-ATV Squad Carrier

Oshkosh unveiled the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) 6×6 Technology Demonstrator today, at AUSA 2015. The vehicle introduces an extended platform, based on the proven M-ATV, providing more interior volume for a full infantry squad...

VIDEO : Drunken Russian soldiers stole armored personnel carrier

In Chita (Russia), the police detained two drunken officers, rode around town in an armored personnel carrier.

The Most Interesting Military Vehicles of the 2017 IDEX Defence Show

This week, hundreds of thousands of defence professionals, world leaders, military and journalists converge on Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre for the IDEX 2017. The IDEX defence show takes place in Abu Dhabi from 19...

Poland and other NATO members have launched a Anakonda 16 massive military exercise

Poland and other NATO members have launched a massive military exercise at a time when eastern European nations are growing more worried about Russia. It is called Anakonda-16 and the aim is to train and...

Ukraine testing KrAZ- Shrek and KrAZ-Fiona heavy armored vehicles

The Ukrainian military's future heavy armored vehicles, the KrAZ- Shrek and KrAZ-Fiona, is undergoing preliminary trials, reported Results of testing KrAZ-Shrek and KrAZ-Fiona proved their full compliance with set parameters specified by customer in his request. Upon...

New Kazakh combat vehicles to present in the Russia at ARMY-2016 military forum

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) to present new  Barys 8 infantry fighting vehicle and Arlan 4x4 armoured vehicle at II International military and technical forum ARMY-2016 in Russia. The Barys 8 is based on Mbombe 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle and...