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Syrian military find allegedly US-made assault weapon at rebels base in Quneitra

The officials of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) claims to have found US-made multipurpose assault weapons in the rebels base in Quneitra on Thursday.

The authorities discovered the weapons during the sweeping operation in al-Rafid and al-Braiqa villages in the southern countryside of Quneitra.

It released a photograph showing the storage container of the M141 Bunker Defeat Munition (BDM), or SMAW-D (“Disposable”).


The M141 BDM is a disposable, lightweight, self-contained, man-portable, shoulder-fired,high-explosive, multipurpose weapon that contains all gunner features and controls necessary to aim, fire,and engage targets.

The weapon system consists of an unguided free-flight rocket, which is packed in an expendable, telescoping launcher that also serves as the storage container. It provides water resistant protection for the rocket during weapon storage, transportation, and use.

All propulsion unit operation occurs within the launch tube. The M141 BDM is issued as a round of ammunition, requires no maintenance, and can only be fired from the gunner’s right shoulder.

Optimized for the close fight in the contemporary operating environment, the M141 BDM is effective at distances ranging from 15 to 300 meters. It can be employed effectively against double-reinforced concrete walls up to 8 inches thick, triple brick structures, and standard earth and timber bunkers. The M141 BDM can incapacitate threat personnel when employed against cave complexes.

It can also perforate up to 20 millimeters of rolled homogenous steel, which provides a capability against lightly armored and thin-skinned vehicles.

The M141 BDM utilizes the 83-mm high-explosive, dual-mode assault rocket.

The weapon was designed by McDonnell-Douglas (later Talley Defense Systems) as a modification of the United States Marine Corps Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW) to fill the void in the United States Army inventory of a “bunker buster” weapon.

M141 BDM profile and components (top, right hand extended view; bottom, left
hand extended view).
The 83-mm high-explosive, dual-mode rocket
Archive: Photo by Lance Cpl. Phillip Clark

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