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Russia is jamming European Space Agency’s Sentinel satellite?

Russia is reportedly jamming European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 radar imaging satellite over.

Russian media on Jul. 25, reported that the EAS’ Sentinel-1 satellite has been repeatedly subjected to electronic warfare attacks when he was scanning areas near the country’s southern Rostov region near Ukraine.

On top of that, the recent interferences recorded by the satellite with C-band SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) are among the strongest ever detected and have a unique pattern.


It is assumed that Russia was testing a new type of electronic warfare system.

According to a tweet from “open source intelligence” social media congregation, the rather unique pattern, the strength, and interference affecting strongly both Sentinel-1 polarisations suggest something rather different than any previously detected assets.

Also added that the area near Rostov-on-Don is full of military activity and along a path of interferences from other C-SAR satellites, signals of all kinds are common there, but this is one is relevantly different.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect additional comments from OSINT experts.

OSINT experts on Twitter began debating and they came to the conclusion that it is radar interference of Sentinel-1 satellite images, not a jammer.

In addition, earlier in February 2020, OSINTEditor posted the analysis of similar interferences.

According to analysis, the interferences manifest themselves on satellite data as sort of lines that are always perpendicular to the satellite orbit trajectory.

The lines can be hundreds of kilometers long and tell that somewhere along those lines a powerful radio source close to 5.405 Ghz (such as some radars) is active and emitting.

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