Wednesday, April 17, 2024

NATO reports unprecedented surge in European defense spending

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg unveiled the alliance’s latest defense spending figures, confirming an unprecedented surge in European defense spending.

In a press briefing preceding this week’s meetings of Defence Ministers, Stoltenberg disclosed that since the inception of the Defence Investment Pledge in 2014, European Allies and Canada have collectively injected over $600 billion into defense. Notably, 2023 witnessed an extraordinary 11% increase in defense spending across European Allies and Canada, a development Stoltenberg hailed as unprecedented.

Looking ahead to 2024, Stoltenberg anticipates that 18 Allies will allocate 2% of their GDP towards defense – a substantial enhancement since 2014, when only three Allies met this target. “In 2024, NATO Allies in Europe will collectively invest a staggering $380 billion in defense, amounting to 2% of their combined GDP for the first time,” stated Stoltenberg.


He emphasized the tangible progress made, underscoring the uptick in defense expenditures among European Allies, albeit acknowledging that some Allies still have room for improvement.

The trajectory of defense spending in Europe has been upward over the past decade, with NATO Allies gradually increasing their investment from 1.47% of collective GDP in 2014 to the targeted 2% by 2024.

As NATO continues to adapt to emerging threats, the increase in defense investment signifies a stride toward strengthening the alliance’s deterrence and defense capabilities.

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