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Russian milblogger becomes viral meme on social media

The Youtube channel of Russian milblogger Alexey Smirnov, who goes by the name Krupnokalibernyy Perepolokh, suddenly drew numerous netizens’ attention to his unsuccessful attempt to make a shot with an AT4 anti-tank recoilless rifle manufactured by Swedish Saab.

Pro-Russian YouTuber has released a video in which he tried to compare different types of Russian RPG rocket launchers with the legendary Swedish AT4.

Smirnov attempted to fire the AT4 but was struck in the face by a Western-made lightweight, shoulder-fired recoilless anti-tank weapon – and it seems he never understood what was wrong.


The Russian “expert” said that the NATO weapon is a “piece of sh*t”.

On Twitter, numerous users ironically commented that the blogger had not “read the f*cking manual” before use and did not understand why there was a forward folding hand grip.

The front grip is attached firmly to the launcher and designed to help steady the AT4 when being aimed and fired. Before shooting, Soldier must grip the shoulder stop with her right hand and the front grip with her left hand.

The author of the YouTube channel himself is a very toxic person who has been seen taking part in military actions in Ukraine since 2014 and supporting pro-Russian military formations in the occupied territory of Ukraine.

As to AT4, it requires little training and is quite simple to use, making it suitable for general issues. Saab has had considerable sales success with this recoilless gun, making it one of the world’s most common light anti-tank weapons.

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