Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Drone captures deadly dance of Turkish ACV-15 and Russian T-72 in Syria

In graphic video footage captured by the drone and shared on social media, the ACV-15 armoured personnel carrier of Syrian rebels (supplied by Turkey) has intentionally rammed the Syrian regime T-72 main battle tank.

Bild’s foreign policy editor Julian Röpcke on Saturday shared the video saying, “Maybe the most unreal battle footage of the entire war in Syria, proving the total incompetence of the Assad army, which would be dust since 2015, if Russia did not intervene on its side.”

The 1-minute-long video shows the deadly dance of ACV-15 light combat tracked armored vehicle developed, designed and manufactured by the Turkish Company FNSS Savunma Sistemleri and Russian-build T-72 second-generation main battle tank. The ACV-15 is based on the American Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which in turn is based on the American M113A1 armored personnel carrier.


According to AMN Al-Masdar News, on Thursday, the Syrian rebels and Turkish-backed militants attempted to capture Nayrab during large-scale operation in eastern Idlib.

A member of a Syrian faction allied with Turkey said that Turkish troops were fighting alongside the rebels on the frontlines, and that the opposition forces were aiming to retake the strategic town of Saraqeb from the regime.

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