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Declassified photo shows Russian experimental tank

Russian well-known military expert Alexey Khlopotov has released a new photo of ‘Object 195’ experimental tank which remained a secret for 20 years.

The image shows the Russian fourth-generation tank, also called the T-95, which was a predecessor to T-14 (Object 148) main battle tank based on the Armata universal combat platform.

For the first time on the development of the tank “Objekt 195” was announced in the media in July 2001. It was intended to replace the T-72 and T-80 tanks and become the main battle tanks of the Russian Army. Trials of a full-scale prototype started in 1998.


In 2007 it was planned to complete testing of the prototype in 2008 and in 2009 to take the tank into service. In 2008, tests were conducted sample number 2 experimental tank in the second phase of state testing – only two prototypes were built.

The images show the experimental tank was armed with 152-mm smoothbore high-pressure gun. Also, the ‘Object 195’ tank was eqquiped with a secondary 30 mm cannon. It is known that the crew was isolated in a relatively small fully armored capsule and the 152-mm smoothbore gun was set to a relatively small uninhabited turret ammunition is under it.

The tank was fitted with electro-optical devices and radar to detect combat vehicles and troops for day and night-time operations,. In addition, the tank featured the Shtandartactive protection system (APS), which includes a radar to detect, track, and intercept incoming anti-tank munitions, both kinetic energy penetrators and tandem-charges.

The ‘Object 195’ experimental tank was operated by a crew of 3, including commander, gunner and driver.

The tank was developed in the framework of the “Improvement-88” research and development (R&D) work with the leading role of JSC “Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering” and JSC “Scientific and Production Corporation” Uralvagonzavod “. The program was closed in 2010 in favor of creating a family of combat vehicles on the Armata heavy platform.

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