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U.S., UK and Australia carry out joint air drills

More than 30 units from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Royal Air Force, and the Royal Australian Air Force assembled at Nellis in southern Nevada to commence Red Flag 24-1 on January 15.

Red Flag exercises, conducted by the 414th Combat Training Squadron, offer aircrews the invaluable experience of engaging in multiple intensive air combat sorties within a secure training environment. The focus of this iteration, Red Flag 24-1, lies in providing unique training opportunities with a strong emphasis on readiness for high-end warfighting and strategic competition.

Colonel Eric Winterbottom, the 414th CTS commander, emphasized the prioritization of combat missions for first-timers, mission commander upgrades, integration, and experiences unique to Red Flag that contribute significantly to overall readiness and collaborative partnerships.


Aligned with the 2022 National Defense Strategy, Red Flag 24-1 specifically targets the Indo-Pacific Theater, addressing the pacing challenge alongside allies and partners. This large-scale exercise aims to enhance collaboration and interoperability among joint and interagency partners, thereby contributing to the operational effectiveness of the participating nations’ forces.

Participants in Red Flag 24-1 will engage with the professional aggressors of the 57th Wing, integrate with coalition core function forces, and delve into personnel recovery operations. Colonel Winterbottom underlined the critical nature of this training in enabling Airmen to function independently, enhancing mission resilience and survivability.

As participants lead and learn through comprehensive combat debriefs, they contribute to shaping the ongoing legacy of Red Flag exercises. Hosted by the 414th CTS, Red Flag aims to maximize the combat readiness, capability, survivability, and interoperability of the participating units, providing a realistic, multi-domain training environment. This setup encourages a free exchange of ideas between forces, fostering a collaborative and dynamic training experience.

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