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Russia’s Cold War-era T-62 tank still in service

The Cold War-era T-62 medium tank still is found in the Russian Army arsenal.

The 1960s-era T-62 tank is a Soviet main battle tank that was developed as a further development of the T-55 series. The first prototype of the T-62 was completed in 1959. In 1961 this tank was officially accepted to service with the Soviet Army.

Approximately five years earlier, it was reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense had decided to dispose of all T-62 tanks in service and then replace them with new T-14 and upgraded T-90 models. Main Automotive-Armored Tank Directorate (GABTU) stated that this solution will replenish the state budget – after dismantling the tanks, the parts will be sent to storage in warehouses, from where they will then be exported.


But as of September 2021, it became known that the plans to update the T-62 fleet had changed somewhat and some of the tanks still remain in service in the military formations in the East of the country and some of the tanks are supposed to be transferred to allies such as Syria.

Moreover, 103rd Armored Plant has developed an advanced version of the Soviet-era tank, called the T-62M3.

It is assumed that about 150 T-62 tanks will remain in service with the Russian army until 2030, and the remaining tanks will be exported.

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