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Polish defense minister opposes scrapping Korean arms deal

In a recent series of tweets, Mariusz Błaszczak, the Polish Defense Minister, emphasized the criticality of swiftly integrating cutting-edge weaponry into the Polish Armed Forces.

Highlighting the incorporation of Korean assets – the K2 tanks, Chunmoo missile launchers, K9 self-propelled howitzers, and FA/50 aircraft – Błaszczak underscored their immediate deployment in bolstering Poland’s defense capabilities.

The Minister articulated that favorable financial terms, industrial collaboration, and expedited delivery schedules marked significant achievements in Poland’s negotiation process. He stressed the urgency of securing arms in the current geopolitical climate, pointing to the escalated global demand for armaments post-Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.


“Waiting idle while Putin advances further westward is not an option. We need arms now, not in a decade or more,” emphasized Błaszczak, shedding light on the imperative nature of fortifying national security in the face of potential threats.

Błaszczak addressed concerns surrounding the speculated review of the Korean contracts mentioned within the framework of the ‘Third Way.’ He cautioned against populist sentiments advocating a shift from Korean equipment to domestically produced armaments, emphasizing that such actions could potentially jeopardize Poland’s security stance.

“The annulment of agreements with Korea, which I have personally negotiated, would not only weaken our security but expose us to tangible risks, as a conflict with Russia is not a work of fiction,” Błaszczak stated emphatically.

He also underscored the strategic significance of the Korean contracts in nurturing Poland’s defense industry, emphasizing the stipulations for localized production of K9 and K2 weaponry within the country, along with broader industrial cooperation for FA/50 and Chunmoo systems.

This discourse by the Defense Minister comes amidst ongoing debates surrounding the nation’s procurement strategies and aligns with the broader context of global security concerns, urging swift and pragmatic decisions to reinforce Poland’s defense apparatus.

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