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South Korea plans to launch its second spy satellite

South Korea is gearing up to launch its second military spy satellite in early April, announced the defense ministry on Monday.

Following the successful launch of the first surveillance satellite via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from a U.S. military base in California last December, South Korea is now preparing to launch the second satellite from a U.S. military base in Florida. This launch is part of a broader project aimed at acquiring a total of five spy satellites by the year 2025.

Ministry spokesperson Jeon Ha-kyu revealed in a press briefing that final consultations are currently underway with the satellite’s contractors for the upcoming launch, which is anticipated to take place in early April. However, no specific launch date has been disclosed.


While the initial satellite was equipped with an electro-optical and infrared sensor capable of capturing detailed images of the Earth’s surface, the subsequent satellites are slated to be synthetic aperture radar satellites. These satellites will possess the capability to collect data irrespective of weather conditions, utilizing remote sensing systems.

The planned satellite launch is occurring against the backdrop of heightened tensions with North Korea, which has also been actively pursuing space-based reconnaissance capabilities. In November of last year, North Korea successfully launched its first military spy satellite and has since announced intentions to launch three additional spy satellites this year.

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