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Middle Eastern customer looking to buy new Chinese ‘sniper’ grenade launcher

According to Defence Blog’s source. the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) received an order from a Middle East customer to deliver new  ‘sniper’ grenade launchers.

An undisclosed customer in the Middle East is looking to buy LG5 “sniper” automatic grenade launcher able to fire all 40 mm high-velocity grenades (QLU-11 use 35mm grenades).

The LG5 is an export variant of the QLU-11 automatic grenade launcher which is currently in service with the Chinese Marine Corps and developed by NORINCO. It can use standard “high-speed” 40×53 mm HV NATO ammunition; in addition, were developed special “sniper” 40mm high-precision BGJ-5 rounds with a high-explosive grenade. Also, LG5 can use low-velocity grenades specifically designed to defeat small unmanned aerial vehicles. The magazine is capable of holding 4 or 15 rounds (depending on the type).


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The LG5 designed to destroy light armoured and non-armoured ground targets, using direct and indirect fire within 1000 m range and area targets at distance up to 2000 m.

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The LG5 is based on an existing .50 calibre anti-material rifle design. The whole receiver is a tubular buffer, which the barrel assembly recoils into. The LG5 appears to be long-recoil operated and semi-automatic firing only. Afire control unit with laser range finder, thermal imaging capability, and a ballistic computer is issued with each LG5 system. The new muzzle brake may incorporate an electronic fuze programming module.

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