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MBDA looks to accelerate ENFORCER missile production

European missile maker MBDA is intensifying its efforts to bolster the production of ENFORCER lightweight, high-precision missile system – ENFORCER Production Increase Campaign (EPIC) – has been proposed for funding within the European Commission’s ASAP program.

The EPIC initiative aims to significantly boost the production of ENFORCER missiles, thereby enhancing the series production capacity at MBDA’s facilities in Schrobenhausen, Germany, and its partner companies across Europe.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, emphasized the importance of the ASAP EPIC project, stating, “The ASAP EPIC project is a great opportunity to ramp up the ENFORCER missile production, while making it more resilient and faster. Series production of the ENFORCER is now well under way and the first deliveries to the German Armed Forces will follow this year. Also an export contract has been concluded. We are increasing the production of ENFORCER missiles to meet customer demand for the years to come.”


As the leading player in the European missile systems market, MBDA is investing significantly in its production capabilities across the continent. The ASAP EPIC project plays a vital role in enhancing European resilience and sovereignty, benefiting not only MBDA’s customers but also their armed forces and allies.

The ENFORCER missile system, a portable, shoulder-launched, lightweight, and high-precision weapon, boasts an operational range of up to 2,000 meters. Its versatility allows for day and night passive operation and firing from enclosed spaces, making it a valuable asset in mobile ground operations. With its ability to engage lightly armored static and moving targets, including those behind cover and in urban environments, the ENFORCER provides crucial precision capabilities.

Moreover, the modular design of the ENFORCER system enables the exploration of various future development options, potentially expanding its utility across land, air, and sea domains.

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