Monday, May 29, 2023

Excalibur offers T-72 Scarab for replacing Soviet-made main battle tanks in Czech army

The Czech Company Excalibur announced it was offering the new Scarab upgrade package for the T-72 to replace the Soviet-made main battle tanks in Czech army after 2025.

According to Czech defence ministry spokesperson, the country plans to find replacements for the T-72M4 CZ tanks, which are an upgraded Czech version of the Soviet-made T-72 battle tank.

The Scarab МВТ is Excalibur Army’s upgrade of the basic T-72. The MBT’s ballistic protection was substantially increased while maintaining its outstanding mobility. The original Czech-made „DYNA” explosive reactive armour and the V-84 engine with 618 kW (45 kW more power than original V-46-6) v/ere fitted.


In addition, the observation and sighting instruments have been upgraded in order to be able to operate in the passive mode and the single observation prisms have been added laser filters.

The original manual operated mount has been replaced with a remotely-controlled manipulator. The original 12.7 mm N5VT AA-machine gun has been retained. The „Scarab” is especially suitable for contemporary asymmetric conflicts against the enemy using infantry portable anti-tank weapons (RPGs, TOWs etc ).

The Excalibur also offering the new Scarab tanks for export customers.

T-72 Scarab at IDET 2017. Photo by Norbert Tomasovsky
T-72 Scarab at IDET 2017. Photo by Norbert Tomasovsky
T-72 Scarab at IDET 2017. Photo by Norbert Tomasovsky

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