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China’s newest combat vehicle collides with car

A video has emerged on social media that supposedly shows the aftermath of a car crash involving a new Chinese combat vehicle and a passenger car on a public highway.

The video, posted recently on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, shows the new VN22B combat vehicle which crushed the front of a car.

The VN22B is a combat vehicle developed especially for the international market by the NORINCO Group, a Chinese state-owned defense corporation.


The new wheeled armored assault vehicle is armed with a 105mm gun. It is compatible with all standard NATO 105 mm ammunition.

The main role of the VN22B is to support combat units with their firepower. This vehicle carries out tactical reconnaissance and territorial defense tasks. It can also escort convoys and be used for road patrol missions.

The chassis has protection design and integral additional armor, fully electronically controlled automatic transmission, full liquid-pneumatic lift body suspension, V-shaped hydraulic jumper protective tailgate, and strike protection suspended seat. It is equipped with a semi-active suspension, and the operator can complete the suspension adjustment in the cockpit. Therefore, on the one hand, this vehicle can drive fast on flat ground, and on the other hand, it has outstanding off-road performance and can cope with different situations. Road conditions.

The rear of this vehicle is an irregular V-shaped hydraulic tailgate, and there is a pull door emergency on the door. This is the latest tailgate design at present. The way soldiers step on the foot is considered to protect against lightning impact (the feet are not grounded, To prevent shocks caused by impact transmission), and the obvious V-shaped chassis explosion-proof design.

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