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Belarus mobilizes 3,000 soldiers over invasion concerns

The Belarus military will mobilize at least 3,000 soldiers starting 10 August ahead of August’s presidential election and over invasion concerns.

A Belarus’ military official confirmed the Defence Blog on 4 August that the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus will mobilize its military reservists, but no information was provided about the cause and number of possible reservists.

Local sources also said that country’s Ministry of Defense plans to mobilize up to 3,000 servicemen.


However, reported that the residents of the Vitebsk region, bordering region with Russia, receive calls and draft cards from the military registration and enlistment offices. The military registration and enlistment offices inform about the mobilization of men under the age of 35, who previously served in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Former military personnel must report to the assembly points on August 10, that is, the day after voting in the presidential election. The conscripts are planned to be sent to a 25-day training camp.

Also, the Belarus military is deploying additional troops to the border with Russia over invasion concerns.

Official Minsk fears that Russia may take advantage of the instability in the country and carry out the Ukrainian scenario to occupy part of the territories ahead of August’s presidential election.

U.S. news agency, CNBC, quoting Janusz Bugajksi of the Center for European Policy Analysis, reported that Putin could use “the pretext of growing unrest in Belarus and the disputed presidential elections” as a chance to act as national liberator with the “looming prospect” of the absorption of Belarus into Russia.

Following the arrest this week of 32 Russians at a sanatorium near Minsk, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko accused the Kremlin-linked Wagner military contractor of sending 200 of its mercenaries to destabilize his country ahead of his election, where he faces a challenge from three opposition groups.

Belarus President Alyaksandr Lukashenka also accused Russia of “dirty intentions” and instructed KGB security service chief Valer Vakulchyk to seek an explanation from Moscow.

“We need to urgently ask the relevant structures of the Russian Federation to explain what’s going on,” he said at a security meeting.

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