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Austria to buy more Pandur Evolution armored vehicles

Austria’s government is set to finalize a substantial contract worth approximately 1.8 billion euros ($1.9 billion) for an additional 225 units of the Pandur Evolution armored vehicle, as reported by “Der Standard” on Tuesday.

The announcement of the contract is expected to be made early next week.

Under the leadership of Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner, the Ministry of Defense had previously placed an order for 30 units of the domestically produced Pandur vehicles in 2021, amounting to an investment of around 106 million euros ($113 million).


Confirming the possible contract, a spokesperson for the ministry referred to it as a “significant new agreement” regarding Pandur armored vehicles. The official unveiling of the new procurement is scheduled for the upcoming Monday, to be presented during a media briefing. While the exact figures provided to “Der Standard” are not officially confirmed ahead of Monday’s announcement, they have not been denied either.

Defense Minister Tanner emphasized the versatility of the Pandur family of vehicles, stating that they serve various functions critical to enhancing protected mobility. She described the impending procurement as a “crucial step forward for overall protected mobility” and highlighted the substantial domestic value added by Austrian companies, including numerous small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the production process. The significant contract awarded by the Austrian Armed Forces is thus seen as an investment in the country’s economy.

Manufactured in Vienna, the Pandur has garnered support for the economic opportunities it presents beyond the initial procurement. Proponents argue that subsequent investments in infrastructure, such as garages and workshops, as well as ammunition supplies, contribute to further economic activity.

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