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Ukraine to unveil upgraded T-64BV tanks with improved thermal imaging devices

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will unveil during upcoming military parade its recently upgraded T-64BV second-generation main battle tanks that were fitted with improved thermal imaging devices.

The T-64BV tanks will be presented at the country’s Independence Day military parade in Kyiv on 24 August.

The new thermal sighting system installed on existing T-64BV main battle tanks (MBT) to improve target detection at longer ranges and to operate at night or in poorly lit environments.


The upgraded T-64BV is visibly distinguished by the absence on the left side of the infrared searchlight.

Thermal imaging devices – installed on the T-64BV – do not require changes in the design of the tank and are installed on a regular fixture and are connected to the tank electricity supply without changes. Due to high-quality components, they have high resistance to light interference, enhancing work under difficult conditions; they are not sensitive to exposure even when an enemy’s using special interference in the IR. Commander and gunner devices are integrated to the fire management system, providing detection, identification, and destruction of the enemy.

The improved sight device features a thermal channel that is capable of identifying a tank in poor light conditions or during night-time at a range of 5,000 m (destruction of the enemy at a distance of 1.5 km).

Also upgraded T-64BV tank also is equipped with a new navigation system developed by the SE “Orizon-Navigation”.  This navigation system operates in automated digital system, allowing “online” exchange of encrypted data. Data on the location of each vehicle can be sent to the commanders of all levels, from platoon commander to the management of all military operations.

We recall that in the military parade on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence 4,500 servicemen and 250 units of equipment will take part.

Ukrainian T-64BVs. Photo by the Berezutsky Sergey
Ukrainian T-64BVs. Photo by the Berezutsky Sergey

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