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Ukraine completes deliveries of second batch of new 100mm rounds for BMP-3 of foreign customer

Ukraine’s state-owned defense industrial company SpetsTeсhnoExport has completed the delivery of the second batch of new 100mm rounds for BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle of foreign customer, according to a company official.

In 2017 SpetsTeсhnoExport successfully exported the first batch of the Ukrainian 100 mm rounds for BMP-3 of foreign customer, and a few months ago – already the second batch, head of the department of the SpetsTeсhnoExport Anton Pashynskyi said on Facebook on 16 April.

In his post head of the department stated, “The round is completely new – if even nobody is impressed with the production of the case and filling it with explosives, the design and serial production of shell case is a big achievement.”


The BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle entered production in the late 1980s. About several hundred BMP-3 vehicles are in service with the Russia Army and over 900 have been exported to a number of countries, including United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Indonesia, Kuwait, Venezuela, Iraq and South Korea.

“The technical parameters of the vehicle were revolutionary in 80th, but even today they outclass many competitors: light aluminum armor hull, which even with the high level of protection saved capability to overcome water obstacles and twinned cannons 30 mm and 100 mm, with the capability to hit the targets with the main gun in the range up to 7,5 km,” added Anton Pashynskyi.

He also stressed that the 100 mm cannon is unique, the ammunition even in USSR times was produced only by Russian military industry. But only until now.

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