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Scania introduced defence solutions are based on robust civilian trucks at Eurosatory 2016

Scania  introduced defence solutions are based on robust civilian trucks at Eurosatory 2016.

National defences and their procurement organisations are turning more and more of their interest towards adapted commercial off-road capable trucks and commercial engines, rather than purpose designed and very expensive equip­ment and components. Customers realize that major companies, such as Scania, can deliver on their motto about creating strong partnerships via ILS capability and offer support throughout the vehicles total service life, without any trade-offs regarding capabilities.

“Defence customers have realised that they don’t have to settle for good enough-solutions but can benefit from COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf products) capa­bilities and get virtually all the necessary functions, but with vastly reduced invest­ments”, says Heikki Fant, Product Manager Defence at Scania Trucks. “Instead of buying specialized, very costly solutions, they have realised that our robust, high end trucks offers very attractive qualities. Scania’s state-of-the art-trucks stand for solid performance also when it comes to traits like robustness, reliability, traction and load carrying capacity”.


Many defence customers ask for advanced ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) capa­bilities when they evaluate potential truck suppliers. Defence vehicles have to last for many years and be suited for different kinds of operations, often under unpredictable conditions. Fully fledged ILS solutions secure proper mainten­ance and parts avail­ability over time, regardless of what kind of operation the actual truck will face.

“Defence customers buy-in to our philosophy with COTS and turn their attention to aspects such as service networks, spare parts commonality and long-term supply in order to de­crease life cycle costs and secure vehicle availability ”, says Heikki Fant, Product Manager Defence at Scania Trucks.

Finland is a recent example of a customer that has prioritized partnership during the vehicles operational life. The ability to resolve flexibility issues and offer access to a service network trumped over highly speci­alized features when they favoured being partner with Scania.

“The Finns realised that it doesn’t take “military” trucks to fulfil their needs,” says Heikki Fant, Product Manager Defence at Scania Trucks. “Trucks from Scania do meet future demands from a technical perspective as well and are capable of hand­ling alternative fuels without any alternations.”


Due to Scania’s modularity, Scania trucks offer the capacity for being fully adapted for certain missions and demands within 24 hours, including sufficient armor. By using com­mercial Scania off-road trucks, customers get the potential to increase the flexibility of their available fleet and reduce the need for having costly, purpose built vehicles idling between different missions.

There is, in an overall perspective, something like a true evolution going on among defence customers. The use of very expensive “military” trucks are restricted to highly specialized tasks with extreme demands, the rest is solved by engaging modern day commercial trucks since they offer all the necessary robustness and availability.

But the special vehicles with heavy armour are also challenged by auto­no­mous or remote controlled solutions. Instead of reinforcing cabs with heavy and expen­sive protective material, it is foreseen that the time will soon be here when smart remote control vehicles are used. The cost is brought down substantially from the use of commercial solutions while the protective factor for human causalities is close to 100 percent.


Scania’s modular system is also beneficial when Scania Engines do adaptations for various military requirements and installations, tailored precisely to individual tasks.

This gives an outstanding low Life Cycle Cost compared, to other set-ups. Scania’s engines are also renowned for their class leading engine power and durability.

“Reliability, favourable fuel consumption and exceptional service life are among the most sought-after traits for engines in defence applications”, says Erik Karlsson, Key Account Manager, Scania Engines. “Our solutions have a proven track record in the defence industry and in combination with our global sales and service network, Scania has all the prerequisites for ensuring performance and operational fulfilment.”

Scania supply its powerful engines for defence purposes in Land  and Marine versions for installation in OEMs power packs (engine, transmission, cooling system). With the engine supply also comes technical support at installation and fine tuning of the power pack in the end product for maximum utility of the performance.

Scania is also providing power generation engines and complete Scania Gensets. Besides offering an outstanding service life, Scania’s engines are easy to service

thanks to a clean and tidy layout and separate cylinder heads. Serviceability is typically a decisive factor when power needs to be generated at remote camps for shorter or longer periods. Scania’s engine management system also permits easy adaptation to different requirements.

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