Monday, September 25, 2023

Russian MoD released footage of their ‘satellite killer’ weapon system

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducted a test of an upgraded anti-ballistic missile designed to protect Moscow and the Kremlin from enemy missile attack, with the capability to obliterate NATO spies in orbit.

According to the announced by press service of Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD), A team of the ASF Air Defence and Missile Defence Forces has successfully conducted a test launch of the ABM new modernised missile at the Sary-Shagan training ground (the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Russia’s MoD also released terrifying footage of advanced Russian missile test.


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Deputy Commander of the air defence and missile defence army Major General Andrey Prikhodko said during the event that “the new modernised ABM of the Missile Defence System successfully accomplished the task and engaged the simulated target at the assigned time.”

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The Missile Defence System is in service of the Aerospace Force and is designed to protect the city of Moscow against aerospace attacks, as well as to support the missile attack warning systems and outer space control.

Some experts noted that the versatile mobile system can also shoot down aircraft and missiles, as well as ICBM’s with multiple warheads.

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