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Russia to unveil new version of Pantsir during massive military parade in Moscow

Russia plans to unveil its new advanced version of the “infamous” Pantsir Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun Missile (SPAAGM) system during the upcoming massive military parade in Moscow’s Red Square.

President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to hold the previously postponed Victory Day parade on June 24 as Russia appeared to stabilize its coronavirus outbreak.

For the first time will be demonstrating the upgraded Pantsir short-range air defense (SHORAD) system, called the Pantsir-SM.


The Pantsir-SM air defense system is based on the Kamaz-53958 Typhoon chassis and equipped with a new radar and advanced infrared electro-optical target tracking system. It is designed to provide protection against fixed- and rotary-wing combat aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and high-precision weapons, including anti-ship and cruise missiles.

Also stated that the upgraded version of the air defense missile and artillery system Pantsir-SM has acquired the ability to effectively hit all types of drones. The upgrade work was carried out on the basis of experience gained during the Syrian and Libyan conflicts.

The new missile’s range has been increased to 30 kilometers.

According to Janes, the new variant can launch a new high-speed two-stage missile with extended range and improved target interception characteristics, as well as the baseline 57E6 two-stage missile. Both missiles use a two-stage setup with a detachable boost stage and a passive second stage that lacks a sustainer. Instead it relies on kinetic energy imparted by the booster to reach its target.

The Russian Armed Forces are looking more advanced and cost-effectivity air defense system to replace “troubled” Pantsir (SA-22 according to the NATO designation) anti-aircraft defense system.

According to sources in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the Russian Army and Navy are dissatisfied with Pantsir complex and looking on absolute new air defense systems. For the army, the Pantsir air defense system proved too heavy, complex and not effective to protect against most of the potential threats. To protect the ships in the coastal zone and in harbors, the naval version of Pantsir has also become too expensive and not very effective.

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