Friday, March 31, 2023

Myanmar looks to buy Chinese SY-400 ballistic missile systems

The Myanmar Army is to acquire China-made SY-400 short-range precision-attack ballistic missile systems.

China official calling SY-400 missile system as a guided artillery rocket system, hence it is not limited by 300 km range export restrictions.

The SY-400 system in standard configuration has eight containers with solid fuel missiles. Missiles are factory-fitted into these containers and can be stored for years and do not require additional maintenance. Missiles are launched vertically and have a range of about 400 km. The SY-400 can use different types of warheads.


The surface-to-surface missile system, equipped with BP-12A surface-to-surface missile and SY-400 rocket projectile, can pierce through eight targets at the same time, which is much more preciser and powerful than normal artillery. It’s firing range is almost a dozen longer than that of the artillery.

“The rocket projectile is capable of conducting intensive firing in a relatively large area, but the surface-to-surface missile can hit precisely the targets with high value. A dual shooting, which combines the advantages of the two weapons, will improve the efficiency of the new missile system,” said Tang Kehui, missile expert, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.

In addition to its powerful firing, the new missile system also has another feature: flexibility. Each missile vehicle can both shoot and retreat in a short time.

Missiles are fitted with GPS/INS guidance system. They are steered to the intended target in the initial flight phase by four control surfaces and stabilizing fins. Missile uses low lowering rate to extend the range. Multiple missiles can be aimed at different targets.

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