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Russian military receives new batch of fighting vehicles

Russia’s Kurganmashzavod, a subsidiary of the Rostec defense conglomerate, has supplied the Russian Ministry of Defense with a new batch of fighting vehicles. This includes BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles equipped with additional protection kits, including the “Nakidka” camouflage systems, as well as BMD-4M airborne infantry fighting vehicles.

The delivery of these combat vehicles to the troops has taken place ahead of schedule, as reported by the press service of Rostec.

It is reported that the company’s specialists have analyzed the experience of warfare in Ukraine and have enhanced the BMP-3 vehicles. The new batch of BMP-3 vehicles received standard additional protection kits, upper hemisphere protection kits, and kits for reducing visibility – “Nakidka” covers.


The first provides protection to the vehicle from attacks at any angle. The second protects against attacks in the upper hemisphere, such as from rocket-propelled grenades dropped from drones. The third element of protection – “Nakidka” covers – reduces the visibility of the BMP. They are made of synthetic thermal insulation and radio-absorbing material. Thanks to this, it is more difficult for the enemy to detect the vehicle using special means, such as thermal imagers.

“Rostec produces a wide range of weapons and military equipment. Among them are the modernized BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles. Today, Kurganmashzavod has sent a new batch of vehicles to the troops with enhanced protection. In addition to additional armor, BMP-3s have received ‘Nakidka’ covers – fire-resistant covers that reduce the visibility of the vehicle in thermal and radio spectrums. These solutions have significantly increased the combat survivability of the vehicles,” said Bekhan Ozdoev, Industrial Director of the Cluster of Conventional Arms and Special Chemistry at Rostec.

In addition to the new combat vehicles, in April, Kurganmashzavod prematurely manufactured additional protection kits for BMP-2 vehicles – anti-cumulative grids and armor screens.

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