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Greek activists stop train carrying US combat vehicles

Last week, members of the Communist Party of Greece held a protest on a railway track in Dedeagac town.

In a demonstration against militarization and foreign intervention, a cohort of anti-war activists in northeastern Greece intercepted a train convoy carrying US and NATO artillery systems, tanks and other military vehicles, disrupting the flow of military equipment bound for Eastern Europe.

The incident unfolded on Sunday in the town of Dedeagac (Alexandroupolis), where members of the Communist Party of Greece staged a protest by obstructing the railway track, effectively halting the progress of the train laden with military vehicles.


Dedeagac, situated near the borders of Turkey and Bulgaria, has emerged as an alternative conduit for NATO’s logistical operations following the war in Ukraine.

As the train attempted to navigate through the blockade, protesters stood firm, compelling the train driver to halt.

In a display of defiance, the activists emblazoned red paint inscriptions on the military vehicles. The Greek Communist Party condemned the utilization of Alexandroupolis as a strategic hub for military logistics, advocating for the cessation of Greece’s involvement in NATO-led operations.

Stavros Bazas, a prominent figure within the party’s regional committee, decried NATO’s exploitation of Greek infrastructure to funnel arms and equipment towards Bulgaria’s border, denouncing it as a betrayal of Greek sovereignty. He further criticized the government’s acquiescence to supplying weaponry to Ukraine to defend himself.

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