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Germany orders Skyranger 30 mobile air defense system

Rheinmetall securing a new contract for the delivery of the Skyranger 30 mobile air defense system for the Bundeswehr.

Valued at €595 million ($643 million), the agreement involves supplying the German armed forces with a prototype and 18 series production combat vehicles, with an option for an additional 30 systems.

According to a press release from Rheinmetall, the prototype is expected to be delivered by the end of 2024.


Integrated into the German government’s European Sky Shield Initiative, the Skyranger 30 addresses a critical capability gap in mobile air defense. Offering a blend of mobility, protection, flexibility, and precision, it meets the evolving challenges in the short- and very short-range threat spectrum. The system’s turret, featuring the highly effective 30mm x 173 KCE revolver gun, surface-to-air missiles, and a comprehensive sensor suite, is mounted on a single platform, providing a hybrid solution.

Germany’s Skyranger 30 systems will be armed with Stinger missiles, though the system is adaptable to various modern guided missiles like the Mistral, Stinger, or specialized C-UAS missiles. Its combination of diverse effectors, enhanced mobility, extensive elevation range, and advanced sensors enables autonomous and networked operations, with Rheinmetall’s programmable airburst ammunition enhancing its effectiveness against drones.

Austria has already bought thirty-six Skyranger 30 systems, with other NATO and EU member states expressing interest or actively procuring the system. Hungary is exploring its integration into the Lynx KF41 tracked armored vehicle, while Lithuania and Denmark are evaluating its deployment on the Boxer wheeled armored vehicle.

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