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First serial production Mi-28NM attack helicopter has been spotted in Rostov-on-Don

Russian aircraft spotting enthusiasts Erik Romanenko has released photos reportedly a first serial production Mi-28NM helicopter of Russian Armed Forces.

“Right now. It was managed to take a picture again of the new Mi-28NM in the sky above Rostov-on-Don during a test flight,” Erik Romanenko wrote on his Instagram page.

A first serial production Mi-28NM attack helicopter has been spotted around Rosvertol” helicopter factory in Rostov-on-Don during a test flight.


The Mi-28NM is a deeply modernized version of the Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ helicopteк with new onboard radar equipment comprises innovative helmet-mounted imaging and pointing system.

The advanced Mi-28NM can be identified by new radar at the nose of the helicopter.

The helicopter is equipped with an N025 radar station, which makes it possible to carry out round watch. The upgrade also has a new EW system. In addition to that, the Mi-28 NM helicopter has a modified fuselage and modernized engines; a radio-electronic onboard system and a target sight system; an auxiliary power plant and equipment for communication with unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Mi-28NM is expected to be fitted with a new guided missile with a range of more than 25 kilometers. At the moment, the maximum range of guided missiles used by Russian combat helicopters does not exceed 15 kilometers. The missile will be guided by the onboard inertial navigation system. Information about the target’s location will be uploaded into the system during the launch. The helicopter, in its turn, will receive the information from its own detection systems or from the integrated troop and weapon management system.

According to media reports in recent weeks, the prototype of Russian advanced attack helicopter, known as Mi-28NM also was spotted in Syria for in March. The improved Mi-28NM has been seen in a video attributed to the Syrian militants that are fighting in Northern Hama on March 21.

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