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Finland company showcase new PMPV «MiSu» 6×6 armored vehicle

The new PMPV «MiSu» 6×6 armored vehicle prototype has been developed by Protolab Oy company from Finland.

Finnish multi purpose PMPV «MiSu» 6×6 vehicle with some armour. Private development. Article in Finnish, not a lot of technical detail. 2 + 10 capacity, 110 km/h top speed.

PMPV 6×6 has a weight of 14 tons (probably empty) and equipped with a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine producing 285 hp complete (torque up to 980 Nm) .and a six-speed automatic transmission Allison. “Automotivnaya” part is largely borrowed from trucks Sisu. Of the three all-wheel drive axles, the first and third are manageable. The maximum speed on the highway is 110 km / h. Movement afloat is provided with two propellers at speeds up to 10-12 km / h. It is stated that the machine has “increased off-road capabilities.” It is stated that a reserve payload of 10 tons.

Not much more at the maker’s web site either, but there you can see they seems to have started out as suppliers of ballistic and mine protection for other vehicles.


The first prototype was built PMPV 6×6 enterprise in Seborga by September 2015 and the beginning of November was more than 800 km during the preliminary tests and has been tested afloat. It planned to hold intensive winter testing prototypes in northern Finland this winter. So far we made two more “simplified” model, which will be sent to the UK for testing undermining. By May 2016 it is expected prototyping PMPV 6×6 in the “final configuration”.

Protolab company plans to begin mass production of PMPV 6×6 to the end of 2016, stating the possibility to produce from 50 to 100 cars per year, while the cost of production sample indicates “less than half a million euros” without special equipment.

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