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Ekranoplan Reborn: the transport-landing craft for the Russian military will be created by 2025

A sample of a 600-ton WIG that can be used to carry out search and rescue operations in the Arctic and supply individual garrisons will be created in the Russian Federation in 2018-2025. The development will be carried out by JSC “Central Design Bureau for SEC Alekseev SEC”.

The aircraft weight will be about 600 tons at a length of 93 meters and the wingspan of 71 meters.The decision in favor of a large-sized ekranoplan was taken because such vehicles can fly at sea waves of 5 -6 points.

It is noted that the range of the vehicle will be several thousand kilometers. In addition, the machine will be able to land both on water and on a flat surface thanks to the wheel chassis and special design of the wing. Samples are planned to be tested by 2022-2023, and the tests will be completed by 2025.


“Ekranoplans are much more economical than airplanes, it will be possible to quickly move more cargo for a longer distance,” said naval expert Alexander Mozgovoy. “If they manage to equip their air-cushioned landing gear, they will be able to land even on snow ridges.” And in the period from 2020 to 2022 a passenger ekranoplan “Seagull” weighing 54 tons, capable of carrying up to 100 passengers, would be created.

The Ekranoplan is a multi-mode vessel that, in its main operational mode, makes a flight using a screen effect over an aquatic or other surface without constant contact with it. It is maintained in the air, mainly by the aerodynamic lift generated on the air wing, body or parts thereof, which are intended to use the effect of the screen effect. The Ekranoplan usually performs flights at a lower altitude than a conventional aircraft, but moves at a higher speed than the ship.

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