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BAE Systems delivers mobile mortar prototype to US Army

The U.S. Army has received a prototype of a mobile mortar system on the AMPV platform from BAE Systems.

The prototype vehicle features the newly developed External Mission Equipment Package (ExMEP), enabling integration of various turrets, alongside the state-of-the-art Patria NEMO remote-controlled 120mm turreted mortar system.

According to a press release, the culmination of a rapid collaborative effort involving the U.S. Army, BAE Systems, and KONGSBERG/Patria, the AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype showcases the potential for variant expansion within the adaptable AMPV family of vehicles. By leveraging the fielded and fully-qualified AMPV chassis, this prototype empowers the Army to swiftly deploy combat capabilities, such as the Patria NEMO, to frontline Soldiers at a reduced cost and accelerated pace.


Bill Sheehy, BAE Systems AMPV program director, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, “Handing this remarkable capability over to the Army for evaluation is an important step in creating broader multi-purpose options for Soldiers to maintain combat overmatch on the battlefield.” The AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype represents the outcome of collaborative discussions initiated in 2022, underscoring a future-driven approach to enhancing warfighter capabilities.

Equipped with the ExMEP, the AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype offers both indirect and direct fire support capabilities in diverse mission scenarios. It leverages the innovative NEMO 120mm mortar system to execute Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact fire missions, delivering up to five mortar rounds on target simultaneously in less than four seconds, whether stationary or on the move.

In contrast to the legacy 120mm mortar system utilized in the AMPV Mortar Carrier variant, the new AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype represents a significant enhancement in capabilities and force protection. Designed to keep Soldiers fully protected under the vehicle’s armor, this prototype sets a new standard for operational effectiveness and survivability.

Over the ensuing months, the U.S. Army will subject the AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype to rigorous field evaluations to assess its performance and suitability for frontline deployment.

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