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Ukrainian Army loses ground due to severe gap in ammunition

The Ukrainian military is facing dire challenges on the battlefield as a result of a critical gap in Western artillery ammunition needed to withstand Russian attacks.

Russian forces have capitalized on this vulnerability, exploiting the moment when Ukrainian troops find themselves grappling with a severe deficit of essential munitions.

Reports from the frontline paint a grim picture of the deteriorating situation, with Ukrainian forces struggling to hold back the advance of the Russian army. Already, Ukraine has been forced to relinquish positions in key locations in the Donbas region, such as Avdiivka and Lastochkine.


Against the backdrop of this ammunition crisis, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has called upon Europe to halt the export of ammunition from European countries to any destinations other than Ukraine. In an interview with RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), Kuleba emphasized the urgency of redirecting all European-produced ammunition to Ukraine for the defense of Europe’s eastern borders.

“All contracts for the export of ammunition manufactured in Europe to third countries must be suspended, and all such munitions must be directed to Ukraine. Every cartridge produced in Europe should serve the purpose of defending Europe,” stressed Kuleba.

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs underscored that during discussions with Western partners, he consistently raises concerns about the lack of ammunition. According to Kuleba, allies acknowledge their shortcomings, recognizing that they “made mistakes” by delaying the ramp-up of ammunition production.

“They belatedly decided to increase their own production, sign long-term contracts, and commission new production lines. Unfortunately, we are now paying the price for these mistakes,” explained Kuleba.

As Ukraine grapples with this critical shortfall in ammunition, the urgency for swift action and international support has never been greater. The fate of Ukraine’s defense hinges on the timely provision of essential resources and the solidarity of its allies in confronting the escalating threat posed by Russian aggression.

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