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Ukrainian Army completed acceptance tests of new anti-tank weapon systems

Ukraine’s armed forces have successfully completed acceptance testing of the new Stugna-P and Сorsar anti-tank weapon systems built by SE “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”.

Luch’s team successfully completed all stages of acceptance testing of newest Stugna-P man-portable anti-tank guided missile system and Сorsar light multi-purpose tactical missile, a company’s press service announced in Colombo on 26 July.

According to the statement, Luch has successfully carried out acceptance tests of the next batch of modern anti-tank guided missiles specifically manufactured for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Korsar and Stugna-P managed to meet its objectives successfully and has proved the high quality and reliability of new anti-tank guided missiles, which will reinforce the of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future.

Stugna-P (Skif – export version) anti-tank missile system is designed to destroy manpower and stationary and mobile modern armored targets with combined, carried or monolithic armor including ERA (explosive reactive armor) and also pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, lightly armored objects and hovered helicopters at any time of day or night. It has range 100-5500 m.

The system is completed with 130 mm and 152 mm caliber missiles in Transport and Launching Containers with tandem hollow-charge (RK-2S, RK-2M-K) and high-explosive fragmentation (RK-2OF, RK-2М-OF) warheads.

Safety of the Stugna-P’s gunner is ensured by using the Remote-Control Panel of the system that is located in a shelter at a distance of up to 50 m from the launcher.

Сorsar is a light multi-purpose tactical missile. Launch tube is mounted above the fire control system to conceal its operator who could aim it while either crouched or lying prone behind cover.

The combat range of the Сorsar is between 100m and 2550m. The missile can be fired from portable firing posts, vehicles and army special platforms.

The guidance system functionally consists of an optical sight and a missile laser control channel. With the help of the optical sight the gunner realizes a target searching, detection, identification and the target tracking.

The laser and optical sights are adjusted between themselves. The missile control information field is made up by the guidance device. The missile control system realizes a missile injection into the center of an information beam and provides the following missile holding in this position up to the moment of the target distraction.

Сorsar light multi-purpose tactical missile

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