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Switzerland buys more GRF vehicles

Switzerland’s Federal Office for Defence Procurement recently solidified an agreement with Defenture to provide the GRF (Groundforce) as part of the LAUF20 program.

According to Defenture’s latest press release, this contract marks a significant step following the initial prototype delivery in 2021. The LAUF20 initiative aims to enhance the Swiss Army’s operational capabilities by integrating advanced mobility solutions through the adoption of the lightweight tactical and air-transportable GRF.

The core of the LAUF20 program revolves around supplying a fleet of user-centric configured Defenture GRF vehicles. The base GRF will integrate various critical subsystems, encompassing weapon systems, communication suites, optical systems, and a mast solution.


Defenture, as the GRF’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM), also serves as the system integrator, orchestrating the delivery of the entire system. Collaborations with renowned international OEMs such as General Dynamics and Comrod are in progress, emphasizing the comprehensive integration of subsystems and specialized bodywork variants in the delivered vehicles.

Henk van der Scheer, CEO of Defenture, expressed appreciation for arming a quality-focused institution like armasuisse choosing Defenture as a comprehensive mobility supplier. Having successfully undergone rigorous testing and verification phases with a complete prototype system, Defenture eagerly anticipates further collaboration with armasuisse. This collaboration signifies Switzerland’s inclusion in the expanding global user base of Defenture platforms, emphasizing the international demand for battle-tested, turnkey systems tailored for defense and protection services.

The company stated in a press release that Defenture places paramount emphasis on mobility, safety, payload capacity, modular design, and minimizing lifecycle costs. These aspects are meticulously integrated into every phase of vehicle design, ensuring that Defenture vehicles serve as mission-critical assets. Leveraging robust lightweight designs, advanced construction methods, and dynamic driving characteristics, these vehicles aim to significantly enhance troop and specialist mobility.

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