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Germany gives Ukraine new military aid package

On January 16, Germany announced a new shipment of military assistance to Ukraine, as indicated by the updated list of aid on the website of the Federal Government of Germany (Bundesregierung) and the German Embassy in Kyiv (Deutsche Botschaft Kiew).

The latest German aid package for Ukraine includes ammunition for LEOPARD 1 battle tanks; 8 armored personnel carriers; 25 reconnaissance RQ-35 HEIDRUN drones; 50 satellite communication terminals SatCom; 5 border patrol vehicles; 16 tankers Zetros; 3 automotive transport vehicles (trucks, minibusses, off-road vehicles); 1,840 military helmets; 500 LED flashlights; ordnance disposal materials.

The military assistance involves supplies from Bundeswehr arsenals, German industries, and joint efforts with supply partners, partially funded through the Federal Government’s initiative for increased readiness.


The funding allocated for enhancing operational capabilities in 2023 totals €5.4 billion (compared to €2 billion in 2022), with additional commitments of approximately €10.5 billion for the coming years. These funds primarily aim at providing military support to Ukraine.

Simultaneously, the funds will be utilized for replenishing military assets for the Bundeswehr, transferred to Ukraine from Bundeswehr stockpiles. Contributions to the European Peace Facility (EPF) from Germany, which can offset costs incurred by EU member states supporting Ukraine, are also part of the financial allocation.

The industrial supplies, funded through the Readiness Enhancement Initiative, encompass ongoing manufacturing, repairs, and, in some cases, training. The German Embassy in Kyiv had previously announced military aid shipments on April 30, 2023, July 29, 2023, September 6, 2023, October 13, 2023, November 23, 2023, December 15, 2023, and January 5, 2024.

Germany’s consistent and substantial support reinforces Ukraine’s defense capabilities, underscoring the collaborative efforts to ensure a secure and stable future for the region.

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