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CEFA developed new SDZ medium demining system

CEFA (France) developed the Système de Déminage de Zone (Zone Demining System) medium demining system for  French Engineer battalions.

The SDZ (Zone Demining System) is a powerfull, multipurpose and efficient machine to respond to deminer’s needs. The SDZ is especially designed to clear mechanically waste areas or to create quickly safe lanes. After its use, all types of activities, military or civilian (roads, agriculture) are possible in safe conditions. Anti-tank mine resistant, the SDZ can perform all EOD tasks with its different tools. For safety, the SDZ is remote controlled visually or from armoured or other vehicles equipped with cameras and a GPS system.

SDZ’s performances

  • Deminig deapth : up to 20 cm
  • Clearance width : 2.20 m
  • Clearance performance : minimum 2000 sqm/h


Several tools and additional features are available, such as GPS with a special interface for humanitarian mine clearance and ISMA compatibility, camera assistance, bucket, forks, auger, segregator bucket, etc. The SDZ can be used alone, but also in a set for greater efficiency. The SDZ is designed to be easy to master, so that it can be put to immediate use on the ground. Its weight with tiller is 12 T. The clearance width is 2,2m and the capacity is minimum 2000 sqm/h.

Founded in 1959, CEFA is an innovative independent family‐ owned company specialized in systems for military engineers. Frédéric SCHMIDT father and now son, lead the company for over 40 years. Its main activities are engineering and manufacturing of military bridging systems and mechanical mine clearance systems. Our job is to ensure all our customers’ needs are satisfied and to deliver unparalleled industrial services. For 50 years, CEFA has been recognized as a leading industrial prime contractor on the Defense market

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