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US Bradley fighting vehicle to receive new active protection system

The US Army has secured a deal for a new active protection system (APS) designed for M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, according to Breaking Defense.

The news agency quotes Maj. Gen. Glenn Dean, the Program Executive Officer for Ground Combat Systems, who stated that the Army has allocated funds to equip a limited number of Bradley vehicles with the Iron Fist Light Decoupled (IF-LD) APS, produced by Elbit Systems.

“I can say that we have gone into production on APS for Bradley in limited quantities,” Dean told Breaking Defense.


The Iron Fist APS, renowned for its high-performance protection against anti-tank threats, offers a crucial layer of defense for armored fighting vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, and logistic vehicles. By leveraging precise-detection technologies and blast interception capabilities, the system effectively neutralizes incoming threats without endangering operators or compromising the integrity of defending platforms.

The Iron Fist APS detects and responds to hostile fire threats with remarkable precision. Equipped with advanced sensors, including an active electronically scanned array radar and optional passive infrared detector, the system swiftly identifies incoming threats and launches explosive projectiles to intercept and neutralize them.

Notably, the interceptor’s combustible casing minimizes collateral damage by reducing fragmentation, ensuring the safety of nearby personnel and infrastructure.

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