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Ukrainian company offers unique drone’s wall for a border with Russia

Kyiv-based Matrix UAV research and production company developed a modern family of multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles capable to reconnaissance and monitoring of roads, borders, forests, and waterways, detect targets in the battlefield, traffic, state borders.

According to company representatives, its new family of multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles is designed to help save the lives of the military and ensure the protection along to fortify Ukraine’s border with Russia.

Matrix UAV has extensive experience of using drones in adverse and dangerous battlefield conditions, facing the fire of anti-aircraft artillery and the use of electronic warfare. Company’s skillful designers have embedded that experience into new more sophisticated aircraft so much needed for fighting a modern war.


Of particular interest are the modular multi-purpose multi-rotor platform called the Chimera. The Chimera drone included the two bases version: Chimera-T is a multipurpose multi-rotor platform with tether power unit; Chimera-H is a multi-purpose multi-rotor platform powered by combustion engine hybrid propulsion unit is able to stay aloft in the air for up to four hours (depending on the weight of the payload).

Photo by Matrix UAV

Chimera-T multi-purpose multi-rotor platform is designed to survey enemy actions in the battlefield, detect targets, survey forests, fields, traffic, state borders, and ensure safety during mass events.

Surveys can be performed both optically (using day and night-vision devices) and with the help of radars (a radar station or other detectors).

Photo by Matrix UAV

In addition, the platform can be used as a retransmission station for ground forces and to maintain contact with other drones via a straight secure communication channel.

Chimera-T multi-purpose platform is able not only to achieve and maintain a desired height, but also follow the vehicle where the base control station is installed at a speed of 15 km/h.

Photo by Matrix UAV

Chimera-H is designed for reconnaissance and monitoring of roads, borders, forests, and waterways; it can be also used for aerial photography operation, creation of NDVI-maps, and provide precise land-related data to farmers. Chimera-H multi-rotor platform can deliver different cargoes: medical, military or commercial ones. Depending on a given task, the drone can be equipped with day or night-vision devices, laser searchlight, retransmission station, detector, obstacle detector, jettison device etc.

Also, the company has a project of the lightweight multi-purpose Katana UAV.

Photo by Matrix UAV

This type of drone is the easiest in operational control. UAV KATANA carry on ideology “draw and launch”. To operate this drone, firstly you need plug the accumulator than draw a flight path on the screen of your ground station device it could be a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. The software is friendly interfaced and was developed in the way to eliminate mistakes.

Secondly, power on the drone and toss the wing in the air. What could be simpler than this? The operational control such as, climb to a requested altitude, enrooted flight and landing at base UAV KATANA will execute automatically. The simplicity of use is the main advantage of this type of drone. To lunch UAV KATANA without any experiences in operation will take a few hours to learn how to do that, despite the fact that the unit itself is functionally complex and easily expandable system. UAV KATANA designed for operation in fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes.

The durability of this vehicle allows it to fly at daylight and night time in adverse weather conditions with a wind speed up to 14 meters per second. Doesn’t matter how the weather condition is UAV KATANA always will find its way back to the base. The drone has a modular design that facilitates repair and simplifies upgrades. The UAV is equipped with interchangeable optics modules, also it could carry onboard other payloads such as radiofrequency module, radiation reconnaissance device. As it was mentioned before the UAV KATANA is the modular designed and can be equipped with additional interchangeable onboard equipment’s suitable for customer requirements.

UAV OKO – multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with electric motors powered from a ground power source by a special designed cable.

Photo by Matrix UAV

The OKO is hovering surveillance tower. The device can rise to a height of tens of meters, and stay at a predetermined altitude indefinitely long time. Unmanned aerial vehicle OKO is designed for observation of the enemy on the battlefield and become as a part of a modern warfare system. Implementation of the different sensors and emitters used for targeting enemy ground sources, for monitoring civilian and military installations, watching over specific parts of the land and water borders made this watchtower drone unbeatable. The use of the surveillance tower limitless – from inspections, monitoring, security to a aerial photography and agricultural surveying.

The aerial surveillance could be achieved by different kind of systems: an optical system; radiolocation frequency’s system, the radio-emitting system as well as a set of different sensors. The surveillance also depends on the payloads and on the tasks need to be accomplished. UAV OKO wired drone could not only lift up on the certain altitude and stay at that position but it could follow the ground unit (car with a drone control system and power supply).

Photo by Matrix UAV

UAV COMANDOR — the heavy multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle was designed with combined propulsion system. Unlike traditional multirotor drones, it has a long time of flight, flies long distances, and can transfer tens of kilograms of payloads.

The scalable or for a better word, variable in sizes unmanned flying platforms creating the new scope for drone’s possibilities which could apply in the future applications. The missions of UAV  COMANDOR could be very different and vary from the processing of crop fields in agriculture to the long distance delivery of various payloads. From the patrolling of wildlife to the monitoring city traffics or ground/water line borders. UAV COMANDOR also has a possibility of the use as the flying firefighter — for extinguish of the high-rise fires, for a fight against field wildfires, for suppression of explosive and radioactive objects.

The heavy duty flying platform can bear and interchange the various onboard monitoring equipment — video cameras with telescopes, radars, laser scanners, etc. UAV COMANDOR can be applied in the military purposes as the flying weapon despatch, armed with various models — anti-tank missiles, bombs, etc. It can be used for delivery of ammunition, first aid, water and food supply, and also — in the long term for evacuation wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

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