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Ukraine’s company developed one of the world’s smallest radar

Kyiv-based company “Ukrspetstechnika” makes unique radar equipment for use in civil and military sectors and has developed a one of the world’s smallest patrol portable radar.

According to a news report published on the, the Ukrspetstechnika has developed the 112L1 “Barsuk” (Badger) patrol portable radar provides detection of persons, surface land, and sea vehicles. The new radar can be used to provide security of land and sea areas of state borders, for the protection of military, administrative and service buildings (warehouses, nuclear power plants, residences of important people, etc.) in all weather conditions in the absence of optical visibility.

The “Barsuk”  includes an antenna device, microwave transceiver, processing and control equipment, display means. The transmitter is solid-state, generates a continuous signal, modulated in phase with M-sequences, the transmitting antenna forms a narrow beam in space. Reception is carried out on a separate receiving antenna. The microwave receiver is built according to the superheterodyne scheme. 


Correlation and filter processing of signals takes place in the processing and control device.

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The radar indicator screen displays information about the moving target in the form of a signal amplitude. Identification of the target (person, group of persons, vehicle, animal) is carried out through the sound channel using headphones.

As soon as moving targets appear in the radar’s area of responsibility, the target signs appear instantly on the monitor. In this case, data about them are automatically recorded in the form, indicating their number, range, azimuth and signs. All this is accompanied by a sound signal.

Technical details:

Detection range:
– Person 1200 m.
– Vehicle 3000 m.
– Watercraft 1200 m.
– azimuth
– range 25 m, 50 m
Transmitted power 0,075 W
Recognition mode By operator with headphones
Representation LCD display
Weight 5,5 kg.

The new radar is produced in two versions – a portable kit for patrol missions as part of small mobile special groups, and stationary radar “Barsuk-A”.

Patrol portable radar 112L1 “Badger”

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