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Ukraine claims nine Russian helicopters destroyed in missile attacks

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SSO) confirmed that they carried out precision strikes on two Russian airbases in occupied Berdiansk and Luhansk.

In the official press release from the SSO, it was stated that, in collaboration with the Armed Forces, they successfully executed precision strikes on the occupied airfields in Berdiansk and Luhansk.

According to sources from the Special Operations Command (SSO), who provided details on Operation Dragonfly, the operation was initiated after receiving intelligence about the adversary’s utilization of airfields in the temporarily occupied territories of Berdiansk and Luhansk. This information revealed the significant presence of aviation assets, specialized equipment, and stockpiled ammunition.


Following thorough verification and confirmation of the intelligence, the Special Operations Forces shared the coordinates and necessary data with the Armed Forces to facilitate a precision strike. The operation, conducted during the night of October 16th to 17th, inflicted substantial losses on the occupant’s side.

In a statement released today, the SSO said that nine helicopters of various modifications have been destroyed in missile attacks.

They also added that one Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system was targeted, an ammunition depot was significantly damaged, and the runways at the airfields have been rendered unusable.

“An intriguing development occurred as the ammunition depot in Berdiansk detonated, continuing until 4 a.m., while in Luhansk, the detonation persisted until 11 a.m.,” said in a message.

As indicated by the SSO’s press release, Operation Dragonfly has not only disrupted the adversary’s operations but has also dealt a severe blow to their control over the temporarily occupied regions. This operation underscores the dedication and professionalism of Ukraine’s military, working relentlessly to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Meanwhile, the attack is being described as ‘one of the most serious blows of all time in the special military operation [Russians use this term to refer to Russia’s war in Ukraine], if not the most serious,’ by Russian military sources.

Russian propagandist Ilya Tumanov, on his influential Fighterbomber channel, claimed that Ukraine executed a massive strike against the Russian Army aviation base near the Russian-held port city of Berdyansk using American-supplied ATACMS missiles.

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