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Analysts reveal differences of Ukrainian Abrams variant

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have unveiled a promotional video showcasing their modified M1A1 (Situational Awareness) SA Abrams tank, shedding light on its distinctive features compared to the standard US Army version.

Released footage reveals notable differences in the Ukrainian configuration, including a unique armor package and reduced weight.

X (Twitter) user Ronkainen’s insightful observations shed light on the nuanced differences between the Ukrainian variant of the M1A1 SA Abrams tank and its U.S. counterpart. By highlighting discrepancies in armor packages and weight specifications, Ronkainen’s analysis provides valuable context for understanding the unique features of the Ukrainian model.


The Ukrainian variant of the M1A1 SA Abrams tank, weighing at 57.2 metric tons, distinguishes itself with its lighter build compared to its U.S. counterpart, which weighs 62.2 metric tons.

Noteworthy design features, such as the large ring mounted on the sprocket wheel, harken back to earlier M1 models and serve practical purposes, such as preventing track issues caused by mud accumulation.

Captures via Twitter / Ronkainen

Additionally, the Ukrainian version of the tank is equipped with a 2 kW External Auxiliary Power Unit (EAPU) at the rear of the turret, though an older system compared to the 3 kW EAPU used on the M1A1 FEP.

Despite some differences, the Ukrainian M1A1 SA shares key technological advancements with its U.S. counterpart, including the Stabilized Commander’s Weapon Station and advanced sighting systems.

Ronkainen wrote that like the later variant of the U.S. Army M1A1 SA, the Ukrainian M1A1 SA is also equipped with a Stabilized Commander’s Weapon Station (SCWS), and the 50 Cal Thermal Sight Module (TSM) is installed externally.

Captures via Twitter / Ronkainen

“The Commander’s Safe/Arm Module (SAM) is located to his right. The SAM can control SCWS weapon mode, fire control mode, combat override, normal mode drift control and panel lights,” the message added.

Captures via Twitter / Ronkainen

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