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UAE buys advanced ship-killing missiles

The UAE-based defense conglomerate EDGE Group and UAE Ministry of Defence seal a new deal for the purchase of MANSUP and MANSUP-ER advanced anti-ship missiles.

The deal, with a total value of AED 1.102 billion, underscores EDGE’s growth strategy and its drive to establish the UAE as a global defense industry hub.

The latest missile iteration, MANSUP-ER, boasts a substantial range extension to 200 kilometers, integrating a Turbomachine turbine, achieving speeds of 950 km/h, and carrying a payload capacity of 150 kg. Its adaptable design allows seamless integration into selected air and land platforms.


The MANSUP missiles were developed by the SIATT, a Brazilian entity specializing in cutting-edge weaponry and technology systems.

SIATT, alongside the EDGE Group, has inked a pact for the creation of MANSUP-ER—an extended-range iteration of Brazil’s National Surface Anti-Ship Missile (MANSUP).

This strategic amalgamation was formalized by EDGE’s Missiles & Weapons Cluster President, Hamad Al Marar, SIATT’s CEO, Antonio Rogerio Prattes Salvador, and SIATT’s Competitiveness Director, Carlos Alberto de Paiva Carvalho, during the Dubai Air Show on Tuesday (14th).

Key dignitaries gracing the occasion included Sidney Leon Romero, Brazilian Ambassador to the UAE, Dr. Juliana Larenas, Undersecretary of SEPROD (Secretariat of Defense Products), and Rear Admiral Marcelo Menezes Cardoso, Director of DSAM (Directorate of Naval Weapons Systems), representing Brazil’s Ministry of Defense and the Brazilian Navy, respectively.

SIATT spearheaded the initial development of the Navy’s MANSUP project, handling the intricate aspects of Guidance, Navigation, Control systems, and the Telemetry System.

MANSUP-ER marks the debut venture under the collaboration between SIATT and EDGE, showcasing Brazil’s industrial prowess.

“This agreement solidifies the SIATT-EDGE partnership, contributing significantly to Brazil’s technological sovereignty,” affirmed Antonio Salvador, CEO of SIATT.

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