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Thailand received the next batch of the Ukrainian Oplot-T tanks

The delegation of the Armed Forces of Thailand visited the «Malyshev Plant» in Ukraine and have made the next acceptance of a batch of Oplot-T tanks, already the second time this year, – made within “the Thai contract”.

Next batch of tanks for the needs of the Armed Forces of Thailand is fully prepared for shipment.

The tanks were made in pursuance of a contract worth more than $ 240 million signed by GK “Ukrspetsexport” September 1, 2011 for the supply of 49 new Thai Army tanks BM and two armored recovery vehicles based on them, with the term of the contract is to the end of 2014.


Under the contract, the first five tanks were to be handed over to the customer in December 2012, then for a period putting the Thai side of the first five tanks called in May 2013. In reality, the first five tanks “Oplot-T” made under the contract, have been demonstrated in Kharkov only October 15, 2013, and delivered by sea to Thailand February 4, 2014. The second batch of five tanks “Oplot-T” was made “Plant Malyshev name “to the beginning of 2015 and delivered in Thailand May 31, 2015. The third batch of ten tanks, “Oplot-T” has been completed with the production of the end of 2015 to April 2016 and reached Thailand’s only now.

Main Battle Tank “Oplot” is a tracked combat vehicle of high firepower, reliable protection and high mobility.

The tank is intended to destroy all ground-based (surface) and low-flying at low speed air targets in condition of enemy countermeasures. “Oplot” can perform a wide range of combat tasks under various weather, meteorology and road conditions, under ambient temperature, ranging from -40 up to +55 °С, relative atmospheric humidity 98%.

The vehicle can operate under the temperature 25 °С and altitude of 3000 m, air dustiness encountered in actual operation


Main Specifications




Type Main Battle Tank
Weight T. 51
Crew members 3
power density kW/t (hp/t) not less than 18,2 (24,7)
Ground pressure МPа (kgf/сm2) not more than 0,097 (0,97)
Operating temperature °С -40 … +55
Main dimensions
  with gun forward mm 9720
  with gun backward mm 9750
  hull mm 7075
over track mm 3400
over detachable protective guards mm 4176
Hight over commander sight mm 2800
bearing surface length mm 4290
clearance mm 470 … 500
Track spacing mm 2800
Operating figures (per tank under various road conditions)
  average cross-country speed km/hour 40 … 45
  Maximum highway speed km/hour 70
Reverse gear velocity:
  minimal km/hour 4,8
  maximum km/hour 31,3
Fuel use for 100 km:
on a dry soil road liter, up to 325 … 370
on a paved road liter, up to 300
Oil consumption for 100 km:
on a dry soil road liter, up to 7 … 19
on a paved road л, в 4 … 11
Fuel distance endurance:
on a dry soil road:
in the main fuel tanks km 350
with additional barrels km 450
on a paved road:
in the main fuel tanks km 400
with additional barrels km 500
Obstacles passage:
Maximum gradient degree 32
Maximum side slope degree 25
Trench m 2,85
Vertical obstacle height m 1,0
Fordable depth (without preliminary preparation) m 1,8
Water obstacles with underwater driving equipment use:
  depth m 5,0
  width m Without limits
Ammunition capacity
the gun rounds 46
(including rounds in loading machine) unit 28
Machine-gun ammunitions type unit OFS, BPS, КS, UR
for КТ-7.62 machine-gun unit 1250 (250х5)
for КТ12.7 machine-gun unit 450 (150х3)
For automatic machine АКS unit 450
Flare gun unit 12
Hand grenade F-1 unit 10
Aerosol grenade unit 12

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