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South Korea’s SNT Motiv secures contract for new submachine gun

SNT Motiv, a South Korean defense manufacturer, announced a significant milestone in the country’s military arsenal during the 2023 ADEX defense trade show.

As indicated by the company’s press release, it has signed a contract with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration for the supply of the “Special Operations Submachine Gun Type II.”

This program, aimed at providing special forces units with advanced submachine guns for counter-terrorism and special operations, seeks to replace the aging K1A submachine guns that have been in use for over 40 years. After a rigorous year-long evaluation process and meeting the military’s performance requirements, SNT Motiv’s “STC-16” 5.56mm special operations submachine gun, now designated as “K13,” was awarded the contract.


The K13, developed using a modular concept, allows for interchangeable parts like barrels, handguards, and stocks, enhancing adaptability and ease of customization. By incorporating state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, the firearm delivers superior accuracy and durability.

The South Korean military considers it a submachine gun, but it’s not so by traditional definitions.

This contract represents a significant step toward modernizing South Korea’s submachine guns and aligning its military capabilities with the demands of contemporary warfare. The K13 will be supplied to domestic special forces units, and notably, it will include suppressors as standard equipment.

The K13 (STC-16) is designed to support the country’s commitment to enhancing its military capabilities, and it’s part of South Korea’s effort to ensure it maintains a competitive edge in international defense manufacturing.

While this initial order quantity is relatively small, the success of the K13 in serving the special forces paves the way for the firearm to become the foundation for the next generation of submachine guns. South Korea is also actively exploring potential export opportunities with several other nations to further strengthen its defense industry.

The K13 is expected to be fielded by various special forces units by the end of the year, with ongoing efforts to advance its design for future applications.

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