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Patria ready to restart 155mm artillery production

In response to the evolving dynamics of modern warfare, Finnish defense company Patria has announced its readiness to resume the production of 155mm field artillery systems.

The decision comes amid increased recognition of traditional artillery’s crucial role in contemporary conflicts, exemplified by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Patria, renowned for its longstanding expertise in gun production and development, plans to leverage its historical knowledge to meet current and future defense needs. The company’s 155mm field cannon, the 155 K98, has been a cornerstone of the Finnish Defence Forces since its introduction in 1998. This artillery system, developed over decades of innovation by Patria and its predecessors Tampella and Vammas, features a barrel length of approximately eight meters and a range of 40 kilometers.


Vesa Toivonen, Patria’s Weapon Systems Testing Manager, highlighted the evolutionary journey of the 155 K98. “It all started in the early 1950s when the Defence Forces asked Tampella to develop a general-purpose gun suitable for a range of applications,” Toivonen said. This request led to the creation of the 122 K60 field gun, which later evolved into the 155mm system used today.

The 155 K98 has undergone several enhancements, including an increase in barrel diameter and lengthening to extend its range. Since its establishment, Patria has delivered nearly 200 of these field guns to the Finnish Defence Forces, with the last units handed over in 2005. Despite the cessation of production, Patria has continued to maintain and upgrade these guns, ensuring their operational readiness through partnerships such as the one with Millog.

“One of the greatest changes was the introduction of a new towing bar, which required careful design to ensure its durability and functionality,” Toivonen explained. Patria also performs critical maintenance tasks, such as ultrasound inspections of gun barrels to estimate their remaining lifespan and manufacturing spare parts for the Finnish Defence Forces.

Patria’s expertise extends beyond artillery. The company is well-versed in integrating a variety of weapon systems into different vehicle platforms, including the Sisu 8×8 off-road truck used by the Finnish Defence Forces. This capability enhances the mobility and versatility of artillery units, which is increasingly vital in modern warfare where drones and other technologies have made the battlefield more transparent.

“Instead of concealment, the key to safeguarding the survival of artillery in this challenging environment is to ensure speed in moving the gun to the firing position, firing, and then leaving the position,” said Pekka Ruutu, Executive Vice President, Portfolio at Patria.

Patria is actively developing and testing new field guns integrated into wheeled vehicles, enhancing their mobility and operational efficiency. The company’s current product range includes the industry-leading Patria NEMO mortar system, which shares structural elements with traditional guns and can be integrated into armored vehicles and marine vessels.

Ruutu emphasized the importance of maintaining domestic production capabilities for strategic defense purposes. “Patria has the capability to restart gun production in a relatively short period of time, if this is desired,” he stated. This readiness is particularly pertinent given the lessons learned from the conflict in Ukraine, where dependable artillery systems have proven their continued relevance in land warfare.

In summary, Patria’s readiness to restart 155mm artillery production reflects its commitment to supporting national and allied defense needs with reliable and advanced weapon systems.

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