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China’s new stealth warship spotted during sea trials

Chinese stealthy unknown warship was spotted during sea trials.

The new vessel, identified as a stealth corvette, represents a groundbreaking addition to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), marking the first of its kind within their fleet.

The newly spotted warship is believed to be a next-generation corvette, a potential successor to the existing Type 056 corvettes (NATO reporting name: Jiangdao-class corvettes) currently used by the PLAN. However, conflicting opinions within the defense community suggest the possibility that this vessel could be part of an export order for an undisclosed buyer.


Andreas Rupprecht, a longtime observer of China’s aerospace and defense developments, has posited that the ship could serve as a “comprehensive test platform.” This hypothesis aligns with the advanced design and capabilities observed in the vessel.

Leaked images and reports online have provided some insights into the vessel’s features, although official details remain scarce. Analysts have highlighted the corvette’s hull design, which incorporates extensive measures to reduce various signatures, including optical, infrared, acoustic, and radar. These features underscore the vessel’s advanced stealth capabilities, aimed at enhancing its survivability and effectiveness in potential combat scenarios.

The corvette’s hull design features large, flat, angled surfaces meticulously crafted to minimize multiple signatures, such as optical and infrared, above-water acoustic and hydroacoustic, underwater electrical potential and magnetic, pressure, radar cross-section, and actively emitted signals.

Futuristic stealth corvette at the Dalian Shipyard in Liaoning, China
Futuristic stealth corvette at the Dalian Shipyard in Liaoning, China

The development of this stealth corvette highlights China’s ongoing efforts to modernize and expand its naval capabilities. As the PLAN continues to grow, the introduction of such advanced vessels signals a strategic shift towards enhancing stealth and survivability in maritime operations.

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