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South Korea to reinforce defense arsenal with new amphibious bridge systems

The Republic of Korea Army, also known as the ROK, showcased its cutting-edge bridging capabilities with the deployment of eight M3-K Amphibious Rigs, forming a 100-meter-long bridge along the river at the demilitarized zone, or DMZ.

This maneuver highlighted the advanced bridging capabilities of the M3-K, a vehicle developed by Hanwha Aerospace in partnership with General Dynamics European Land Systems.

These recent exercises were critical in testing the M3-K’s capabilities, set for deployment within the South Korean Army by 2024. These vehicles will significantly enhance the army’s operational effectiveness across water obstacles, augmenting their strategic mobility and flexibility.


South Korea becomes the sixth nation to operate the M3 variant, joining Germany, the U.K., Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia in deploying this state-of-the-art amphibious bridge system in various allied operations.

Image by Hanwha Aerospace

The M3-K stands out as the world’s most modern and fastest-to-deploy amphibious bridge and ferry system, excelling in loading capacity, assembly time, and cross-country and in-water maneuverability. As both a ferry and a bridge, when multiple units are interconnected, the M3-K serves as a vital link across water bodies. Its robust design supports substantial loads, accommodating over 70 tanks with an impressive weight capacity of up to MLC85.

Powered by a 400-horsepower diesel engine, this 28-ton rig boasts remarkable land speeds of up to 80 kph, a maximum water speed of 14 kph, and a cruising range of 750 kilometers.

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