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Nigerian Used «Shershen-D» Belarusian Anti-tank Guided Missiles

Nigerian used «Shershen-D» Belarusian third generation anti-tank guided missiles.

The «Shershen» (English: Hornet) is a Belarusian third generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) that is designed to defeat modern armored vehicles, protected objects (such as bunkers, pillboxes, earth-and-timber emplacements) and low-speed low-altitude targets (helicopters, UAVs). Being a logical extension of the ATGM “Skif”, “Shershen” beats it in technologies level, as well as implements engineering solutions that are unique among the others.

The «Shershen-D» — version with two firing channels.


All modern armored targets can be destroyed, irrespective of where the missile hits them, using the РК-2 (cal. 130 mm) and Р-2M (cal. 152 mm) guided missiles. The Р-2В missile (can be used with “Shershen-Q” and unificated with ATGM “Barier-B” ) extends the maximum range to 7,500m.

The ability to use different types of missiles without any system modification, in addition to a wide spectrum of targets makes it possible to consider this system not only as an ATGM, but as a mobile defence-assault fire system for infantry support up to battalion level.

ATGM "Shershen-D
ATGM Shershen-D

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