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New Stryker variant spotted during exercises

U.S. Soldiers have fielded an enhanced version of the Stryker combat vehicle during the Platoon Live Fires in support of Exercise Ghost Ninewa at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.

A photograph shared on Facebook by the 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team reveals the presence of the M1256A1 Stryker with a distinctive Double-V Hull A1 (DVH-A1) design. The upgraded Stryker is outfitted with an M153A4 CROWS-J housing a .50 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) and a Javelin anti-tank guided missile system.

Equipped with this configuration, the Stryker gains the capability to directly engage targets, including main battle tanks (MBT), at distances of up to 4,000 meters, all while ensuring the safety of the crew within the vehicle’s armored hull. The M153A4 CROWS-J is specifically configured to mount a single Javelin tube at a time, requiring replacement after firing. This process necessitates two crew members to momentarily expose themselves through their hatches.


The integration of advanced optics, a sophisticated fire control system, and an elevated platform empowers the upgraded Stryker to effectively engage targets at extended ranges, surpassing the capabilities of dismounted infantry.

The Double-V Hull A1 (DVH-A1) design incorporated into the Stryker enhances its survivability and protection, particularly against explosive threats. This evolution in design reflects a continuous commitment to improving the platform’s resilience in diverse operational scenarios.

The showcased advancements in the Stryker’s weaponry, with the inclusion of the Javelin anti-tank guided missile system, underscore its versatility in addressing a spectrum of threats on the modern battlefield. The ability to engage main battle tanks signifies a significant enhancement in the Stryker’s offensive capabilities, providing maneuvering forces with a potent tool against armored adversaries.

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