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In Myanmar spotted the new air defence system

Myanmar army appears to have imported new air defense systems from Russia, it may be a Buk missile or Tor.

Myanmar’s military blog recently published pictures taken at a wharf in the country showed that the appearance of the base chassis specialized MZKT-6922 system as the basis for modern air defense missiles from Russia. This sparked speculation that Myanmar’s military may have to import a certain weapon systems from Russia. Because part of the roof is covered by canvas difficult identify whether this chassis carrying any weapons systems.

According to the Russia documents, the current base chassis MZKT-6922 is used as a platform to put the improved variant of air defense missile systems Tor, Buk, Osa-1T and T38 9K33-1T Stiletto.


Specifically, MZKT-6922 is used as the chassis for air defense systems Tor-M2E short-range is designed to destroy most of the air targets such as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, cruise missiles, smart bombs.

Tor-M2E air-navigation allows 4 channel 4 rocket attacks leading 4 goals at the same time, ultra-fast response time is only 7 seconds, air-to-air missile launcher 9M331 high vertical with 10km range, shot 16km distance, speed 1km/s.

Based on a MZKT-6922 can also be used in a variation of air defense systems Buk-M2E medium-range.

The gas component Buk-M2E system resource use based on a MZKT-6922. The system is capable of destroying targets up to 30km high-altitude, long-range 70km, the lower the probability is very high goals.

MZKT-6922 chassis is also used as the basis for anti-aircraft missile system Osa-1T 9K33-1T – upgraded variant of 9K33 Osa system produced by the Soviet Union, made by companies Tetraedr of Belarus. The system is equipped with ammunition missile with a range of 20km 9M33M3-1, additional camera channels aiming Day / Night OES-1T.

Osa-1T addition, generation Tetraedr develops innovative T38 deep Stilet 9K33 Osa missiles equipped with new T382 has a range of 20km how to destroy targets, detect stealth targets.

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