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Gentex boosts NATO forces with Ops-Core helmets

Gentex Corporation, a stalwart in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, made an announcement regarding its substantial delivery to seven NATO member countries.

The company’s press release revealed that the delivery, facilitated through its extensive agreement with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), signifies a significant stride in reinforcing the defense capabilities of the nations involved.

Under the ambit of a comprehensive 7-year contract, Gentex Corporation has successfully furnished NSPA Variant B and NSPA Variant C helmets, specifically the Ops-Core FAST RF1 and FAST XP models, to the recipient nations. Complementing these cutting-edge headborne systems, Gentex has further dispatched a suite of Ops-Core accessories and spare parts, including Ops-Core AMP Communication Headsets, STEP-IN Visors, and Special Operations Tactical Respirator products (SOTR).


Jim Clarke, Sales Director of Ground Systems at Gentex Europe, underscored the significance of this agreement in fortifying the operational readiness of NATO member nations, as well as Sweden, Austria, and Ukraine. He emphasized the seamless and efficient provision of Ops-Core’s comprehensive headborne solutions, offering an array of critical protective gear, communication systems, and spares, thereby empowering these countries to equip their military personnel with state-of-the-art protective gear during deployments.

Commenting on the collaborative efforts between NSPA and Gentex, Celine Danielli, NSPA Programme Manager, highlighted the agency’s pivotal role in amalgamating technical requisites and cutting-edge technology via the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange. This consolidation streamlined the procurement process, enabling nations to access and purchase advanced equipment through an online platform, thereby enhancing both operational efficiency and the quality of military equipment acquisition.

The strategic collaboration between Gentex Corporation and NSPA stands as a testament to the concerted efforts aimed at fortifying NATO member nations’ defense capabilities. The delivery of sophisticated Ops-Core headborne systems and ancillary equipment reflects a collective commitment to ensuring the safety and preparedness of military personnel deployed in high-risk operational environments.

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